build your network

Define Your Unique Value

If you’re selling the same product as everyone else, nobody will pay attention. How is your company uniquely valuable? You need to be able to express this in a single sentence to get them hooked.

Reach New Audiences by Providing Valuable Content

If you are already an expert in your space and know how to provide value, reaching out to the top experts, bloggers and site owners within your space is a must. After establishing a connection, you can offer to provide valuable content to place on their site in exchange for a bio section at the end of the article. This is simply one of the best ways to get in front of a new targeted audience.

Ask a Single Interesting Question

With an excellent question, you become intriguing without necessarily having any qualifications. Ask people via email and social media for a short call. Soon, you can informatively name-drop by discussing what others had to say. Ask who else should weigh in and ask for an introduction. The best part? You yourself become more interesting as you “question” your way up the ladder to success.

Give, Give, Give

Often, we think in terms of “Get” — what can I get out of this person or interaction? But if you approach it from “Give” — what can I give or offer that’s helpful or novel — then you make a stronger impression. Always approach from give first, and the get will come.