work life

People who start their own business do so for one of three main reasons. They want to have more time, more money, and more flexibility. They want all of these things to have a better work/life balance.  The reality is often 80 hour work weeks and endless task lists.

There is no point being wealthy and successful if you are miserable in your personal life. If you feel disconnected from the two most important things in life, family and self you may need to look at your work/life balance.

Ask yourself, “Are you making time to spend with your loved ones?” If your answer is no because you are ‘too busy’, you will never allow an abundance of love, support and success to enter your life.

You make consider making a change. You don’t have to work less, but make other things a priority as well. Find time to spend with family and friends by improving your communication and organizational skills. Give myself boundaries, time limits, and an off switch with no exceptions.