Where is a Small Business to go When the Bank Says, “NO!”?

Small businesses, especially those in the startup or growth phase, do not have a strong credit history. A lack of creditworthiness can be an enormous hindrance to obtaining financing. If a business, small or large, is unable to get working capital from a traditional banking relationship, they are seriously hampered in their ability to be successful. ]]>

Steps for Improving Your Bottom Line

Start ups and growing businesses face a number of hurdles in keeping the cash flowing. Most new or growing small businesses do not have vast reserves of cash to fall back on during the lean times. They must instead rely on banks or other forms of loans to keep the cash flow moving. I recently read a study that reported … Read More

Cash Flow Crunch Crippling Small Business

We get daily reports on the shape of the economy from the viewpoint of small business owners. The biggest hurdle that the entrepreneur faces is “Cash Flow”. That looms about as large as it gets. We all know that cash is king and cash is the life-blood of any business. The economic recovery appears to be gaining steam, but what … Read More

Organize for Business Success

As a business owner, maintaining control of your cash flow is one of the most critical aspects of your job. You cannot ensure that your business will run smoothly, if you lack the working capital to pay for your expenses. The central problem with running a business is, that if you do not maintain control and have a firm grip … Read More

Business Growth: Is Cash Flow Holding Your Company Back?

Cash is King… the rules haven’t changed, but how can you work around that if your cash flow is outpaced by your need for growth? In business, whether small, medium, or large, the goal of the business is growth. This can be a difficult goal to achieve if cash flow prevents the business owner from taking the steps necessary to … Read More

Worried About Cash Flow… Choose Your Call to Action

I have many opportunities to discuss business. Whether attending a networking event, sitting in on a seminar, or catching up with a colleague, the conversation seems to turn to cash flow issues. Clients and associates alike have had a growing concern about where the cash flow for their next project will come from. Hand in hand with the struggles of … Read More

Economy Down – Don’t Let That Hold Your Small Business Back

Regular cash flow is critical to the success of any business. Unfortunately, with consumer confidence low, the jobless rate high, and the currently volatile political arena, the business market is faced with many challenges. It is increasingly difficult to obtain a traditional business loan. This, coupled with the fact that business owners are finding it more difficult than ever to … Read More

The Importance of Past Due Follow-up

Small business owners all know that cash is king… but sometimes they lose sight of the significance of decisions they make that may put their businesses in jeopardy. In a recent article by David Mielach, Business News Daily staff writer, he quoted some statistics that demonstrate that some business cash flow issues may be a result of poor business practices … Read More

Small Business Growth: The Importance of Alternative Funding

Among the top stories in the headlines for 2011 has been the realization/appreciation for the small business owner and what they do to help support our economy.  In an effort to support small business there has been a rise in lending to growing companies. As the credit crunch tightened lending options for small businesses, more small banks and non-banking institutions … Read More

The History of Factoring

I feel a big part of the service that I provide is to educate people about the process of factoring. In an earlier article I mentioned that factoring has been around for a very long time. Factoring got its start about the same time as a lot of other business practices – around the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization. … Read More