Factoring = Working Capital for B2B

With financing sources for small business becoming more restricted, invoice factoring is an increasingly more viable option for business finance. Most small- to medium-sized businesses face the challenge of acquiring bank loans – particularly if they are a start up or have not been in business long. Whether for fueling business growth, making payroll, purchasing new equipment, or easing general … Read More

Factoring = Good Business

There are many new businesses starting every day. Small business is on resurgence! New startups, as well as businesses on the growth track, will bring new jobs over time, as the economy improves. The business community is faced with a number of challenges as the economy staggers; making gains and then losing ground. With growth comes the need for and … Read More

Factoring 101

If you are in business, you may find that the normal banking channels are not always available to you. If you have not been in business long enough to be considered ‘bankable’, are you likely searching for a creative way to finance your business? Think outside the box…  Accounts receivable factoring may be just the answer to your small- to … Read More

Accounts Receivable: Another Benefit of Invoice Factoring

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing invoice factoring as a means to bolster a business’s cash flow. Unfortunately, many business owners believe that factoring is too costly an option to pursue. This is a misnomer… invoice factoring is not a costly venture and the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. Boosting the profit of a business will more often … Read More

Advantages for Receivables Factoring over Bank Loans

Accounts receivable loans have several advantages over standard bank loans. One of the biggest advantages is that they are more readily available in terms of not only timing (usually within 24 hours) but also in that you are not required to have a credit-worthy relationship with a standard lending institution. ]]>

How Can Receivable Factoring Help Your Business?

Economists are reporting that the economy is showing signs of recovery. Daily there are reports that the future for business is looking brighter; increased hiring, raises in compensation, etc., but, it will be a steady climb back… not an overnight flip. Business owners need to be aware that, while the business world does seem to be showing improvement, it is … Read More

Improve Your Cash Flow

When you own your own business and are responsible for driving that business to success, there is a lot riding on you. Is that business the sole provider for your family? Do you have employees? If so, they look to you to make decisions that will drive the business to success. Often your community may also rely on you; from … Read More

Successful Startup; Do Your Homework!

What is the number one challenge with your start up business? At this time, with cash flow challenges and an unsettled economy, it is imperative that small business owners are clear about their purpose and direction in business. ]]>

Cash Is King – Thoughts on Improving Your Business Cash Flow

We have all heard it said many times that CASH IS KING! Well in these uncertain economic times it seems more difficult than usual to get an audience with the ‘king’.  My specialty is helping those in business to get a handle on their cash flow challenges. I thought it might be helpful to offer a few hints on improving … Read More