Keeping Cash Flow Flowing!

In a recent report out from Dun and Bradstreet, the credit reporting agency disclosed the trend is up for businesses taking more than 90 days to settle their payables. In December, the number of invoices outstanding for greater than 90 days had increased by 20%. Oddly enough, smaller firms are actually settling their accounts more rapidly than their larger counterparts. … Read More

The 1,2,3′s of Factoring

1) You deliver the goods/services to your customer/client. 2) You create an invoice > submit it to your customer and the finance company. ]]>

Small Business Financing Options = Receivables Factoring

With the ongoing financial challenges of the current economic climate, it is fairly obvious that entrepreneurs need to be financially savvy as well as creative in how they drive their businesses. The banking industry is tightening up their credit score standards and alternatives once available to the small business owner are no longer viable options. ]]>

Accounts Receivable Financing = Cash to Grow Your Business

Companies need to maintain a steady cash flow to keep their businesses running and growing. Whether it is returning to business as usual after the schedule of summer, or something else, fall tends to be a busy season for most businesses. It is critical that the business is in a financial position that will allow them to supply the goods … Read More