elevator pitch

Developing a good elevator pitch is very important for all business owners.  You will use it weekly if not daily as you meet potential new clients, attend networking events, or even socially, as you describe your business to interested people.

A good elevator pitch is succinctly delivered and easily understood. Keep these items in mind when creating your elevator pitch:

Keep it short — Try to keep your elevator pitch to just a few carefully crafted sentences. This will give the audience the chance to ask questions.

Keep it simple — It is important to remember that not everyone speaks your industry’s language. Craft your pitch so that it is both easy for you to deliver and for listeners to digest.

Cut the buzzwords — Words such as ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’ are overused and often times a turnoff for the audience. Instead of using buzzwords to describe your business, take the time to craft a sentence about what makes your business ‘innovative’ or ‘unique,’ and let the listener pick up on it indirectly.

Practice, practice, practice — Your elevator pitch is only as good as your ability to deliver it. You and your team should rehearse the pitch and be ready to confidently communicate it at any given time.