There are two things most small business owners have in common: limited time and limited finances. If you’re an entrepreneur, finding ways to make the most of both is crucial for your sanity and success.The key to becoming more efficient with these two key resources is organization. Here are some tips to help small business owners save time, money and energy as they tackle their day-to-day tasks.

Stop creating never-ending to do lists. Focus on completing only five things before 11 a.m. each day. By selecting your top priorities at the end of each day, you will become much more selective and effective with your time.

Focus on a niche target customer. You have limited time and resources for your marketing efforts. It is best if you pick a niche target customer you can actually reach; don’t just chase any customer that you think has money. Remember, if everyone can use your product or service, no one will.

Look for one-stop shopping for supplies and services. Consider a Wholesale Club Business Membership that can save you money on business supplies. It can also provide members only savings on a suite of business services that can save you time. Services may include solutions for human resources, payroll, payment processing, and legal needs.