Tips-on-Making-Emails-More-EffectiveEmail is everywhere! Ninety-one percent of people check their email daily and they’re checking it more than social media. Email can be an effective tool for a small business owner to build business.

Here are four tips on making emails more effective:

■ Emails should tell the message of your business in a succinct manner.

Get to the point and quickly. The size of the email matters and remember less is more in email marketing. Keep it clear, concise and short, 20 words or fewer, 30-40 characters maximum. Make sure the email is mobile-friendly, because most emails are opened on a mobile device.

Catch the reader’s attention.

Use color and pictures in an eye catching way.  Use your email list to give certain customers VIP preference, special offers and promotions. Create an aura that joining your email list makes the customer part of the inner circle. 

Developing a list of email contacts is important. Ask permission to send emails, and build a list by delivering on promises made to the recipients. Businesses should sign people ufor an email list at their place of business, or by putting a button on their website they can click on.

■Present content in your emails that will interest recipients. You want your clients to look forward to your emails.  Send content so they will be learning about your company a little bit at a time.  You want the client to get to know you and start to like you. This will result in conversations about your business to other people. That cycle keeps going around and around, as long as you are maintaining a good, solid cohesive email marketing campaign.

A general rule is after the fourth or fifth email sent out to recipients, you will start to get some response. The reality is that it often takes four to six months of working at this before you see a return. If you’re patient and consistent and stay with it, you will get the results.