social media In the past only the largest firms with large marketing budgets could reach billions of people. Now anyone can do it, thanks to the global growth of social media.

This is a significant opportunity that, if managed correctly, can transform any small business into tomorrow’s global business. Here are 10 pointers to help you reach out beyond your home market.

Know your competition

Start by looking at what your rivals are doing in a similar company that has already launched social media activity.  Also look at other small businesses from your area and what products or services they are offering. Y Finally, build up a clear picture of existing competitors in your new target market so that you can see where there is an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself.  How will you stand out?

Create content that is relevant

Keep in mind that the articles, videos, infographics, product demonstrations and so on that you use successfully on one platform (LinkedIn vs Facebook, for example)  may not have the same impact on other platforms such as Twitter. So, be prepared to spend time creating new content, for instance creating alternative infographics that makes the most of your message.

Consider carefully which channel to use; will text, or rich media – which means using a variety of dynamic content, for instance video – work best in this market? What technical capabilities do social media users have in the area you are targeting?