customers loyalty

Happy customers become returning customers and help you grow your brand – and don’t forget that word of mouth is a tried-and-tested (and free) PR tactic.

Reward Loyal Customers – Good customers are an excellent asset and should be rewarded or at least acknowledged. Keep a database of your customers and when they became a client. Review it monthly and send a thank you note along with a gift card on their yearly anniversary. If they have been clients for 3, 5, or 10 years make the gift more personal.

Offer high-value content- Consider how you could use content to make your customers feel valued or how your content can be useful for customers For example, maybe it’s a VIP weekly newsletter.

Team up with another business – Avoid rewarding people with your own product, because it doesn’t always feel like a real reward. Think about things that complement what you offer. See if you can do parallel deals with other companies that suit your customer.

Concentrate on the overall experience – Customers are less swayed by perks and freebies, and more concerned about the overall experience. Think about the effect a positive experience has on building loyalty and winning new business.