PO Funding

Purchase Order Funding is a similar practice to factoring, where you will sell an invoice to accelerate your company’s cash flow. However, PO funding takes factoring one step further. Your funds are advanced directly to the vendor for a purchase order. Getting started with your PO funding is also just as easy as factoring. Your product is delivered to the customer and the invoice is created. From there, you will receive your capital.

Promptly fill your customers’ purchase orders no matter what

Purchase order funding is slightly different from invoice factoring because payment is made directly to your vendor to allow product to be shipped. Once the product is delivered and an invoice is created, the invoice is factored..

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Never lose business due to poor cash flow

Best candidates for purchase order funding:

  • Wholesalers and distributors.
  • Importers & exporters that purchase goods for resale.
  • Clients with high profit margins.
  • Clients with non-cancelable purchase orders.
  • Clients with strong credit-worthy customers & suppliers.
  • Businesses that experience seasonal surges.
  • Business that occasionally have unusually large purchase orders.

Businesses not appropriate for purchase order funding:

  • Construction companies
  • Start-up manufacturers
  • Service oriented companies

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