accent-securityAs a small business owner, you’ve invested a huge chunk of your time, money, and energy to make your business work. Do you really want to risk losing it all simply because your employees failed to use basic security measures?

Small businesses often fail because of security breaches that put their data at risk. When small businesses suffer a business data loss from a cyber-attack, research shows that 60% of them go out of business. Security threats come in myriad forms, one of the biggest security risks to your company is your employees

Your employees can pose major problems and security risks, simply due to their negligence or lack of knowledge. Educating your employees can help you prevent many cyber-attacks. Here are just a few small business security tips you should share with your employees, in order to better protect your business.

1. Use Strong Passwords

People like to choose passwords they can remember. The most common passwords are “123456,” “password,” and “12345678.” People also like to use their birthdays and other personal dates as passwords. Changing your password frequently can be a pain, but it needs to happen.

These types of simple (and weak) password structures make it ridiculously easy for hackers to hack them. Once they crack an employee’s password, it’s easy for them to access your entire system. Strong passwords include a combination of letters—both upper and lower case—numbers, and special characters. Teaching your employees to develop stronger passwords could potentially save your company from a data breach—and going out of business.