Building Business RelationshipsThe most important thing you have in your business is your word.  The bottom line is you must do what you say you are going to do, and do it on-time and on-budget. Sometimes, you may agree to a price that you later regret, but you have to live with it, if that’s what you told your customer.  Here are 6 more tips for building better business relationships.

Never Solve a Customer Issue With Email – Never be afraid of an angry customer; give them a call to find out what the issue is and put yourself in charge of solving it. People appreciate a personal contact, especially when something has gone wrong.

Contact Your Customers – You should call or contact your customers within 7-10 days of them receiving your product or service to make sure everything is going well. This is also a great opportunity to ask for a Yelp review or recommendation on LinkedIn if the customer is happy with your product or service.

Nurture the Relationship – Your best customers should consider you a friend or partner. If you are helping them grow their business they will trust you and think of you as a partner. Nurturing that relationship is very important for referrals and repeat business.

Do a Needs Evaluation, Before You Try to Upsell – Make sure you know what is going on with you customers before you hit them with an upsell. Evaluate their needs and try to recommend alternatives or strategies that will be of benefit for them.  Serve your customer first before you try to upsell.