productivityEntrepreneurs are busy souls and with only so many hours in the day and an endless list of tasks to be accomplished, becoming efficient is integral to success.

In the spirit of brevity, here are five productivity tips that will pay immediate dividends:

Create a “Top 3” List: Every morning, write down the top three initiatives you must accomplish that day. Then, go after each and don’t stop to check email or lose focus on other initiatives until these three tasks are complete. Remarkably, you’ll find that those other thousand to-dos don’t weigh as heavily on your mind now that the biggest items have been accomplished.

Get Active: It’s no secret that being active is critical to our productivity. Studies show that even 20 minutes a day of fitness activity can produce endorphins that do wonders for our moods. Keep it simple, go for a short walk during lunch and you’ll quickly see how time away from business will increase output.

Get Help from an Assistant: As an entrepreneur growing a small business, you may not be able to hire a fulltime executive assistant. Consider using the help of an outsourced executive assistant company for just a few hundred dollars a month.  Virtual Assistants are also an excellent option. They work by the hour or by the job and are usually very reasonable. If you could save yourself a few hours a month then the cost is justifiable and your business reaps the rewards as you focus on the critical objectives.