Yes! Many firms use factoring when cash flow is tight due to slow–paying clients or when traditional financing is unavailable or insufficient to fund growth.
Our factoring works in synergy with traditional credit lines. In addition, since factoring is not a loan, no debt is created, which strengthens your company’s financial position.

Often when a company has a term loan or bank line of credit, the bank will place a blanket UCC filing on all company assets. The finance company will require a first position on the accounts receivable, so your bank will need to take a second position on the receivables.

Many bankers are willing to work together with another finance company in order to help a client grow. As the company grows, the bank loan becomes more secure and can often be paid off sooner with additional funding.

Fees are only pennies on the dollar. In fact, it can cost you more not to participate in these funding programs.

Consider this example: You have $100,000 of receivables on your books and $15,000 cash in the bank. You receive a purchase order and need $30,000 to fulfill the order and earn a 20% profit margin. Since you are short $15,000, you lose the order because you cannot pay the vendor. If you had a receivable credit line, you could convert some of your outstanding invoices into $15,000 to fulfill the order. The cost may have been 4%, still resulting in a 16% profit margin and a satisfied customer.

No, finance one or as many as you need to meet your needs.
We base decisions on the creditworthiness of your clients. As long as you have at least one creditworthy client, then you are likely eligible for this financing.

In addition, lack of personal credit or poor personal credit will not disqualify you for this type of funding.

No, finance your receivables for as short or as long as you would like. You are not locked in for a minimum period.


If you answer “yes” to many of these questions, factoring could be for you.

  • Do you have invoices, purchase orders or contracts?
  • Are you providing goods or services to other businesses or government agencies?
  • Do you have at least one strong credit-worthy customer?
  • Would immediate payment of your invoice allow you to bid on bigger jobs, take on more work, or grow?
  • Would faster payment help you cover payroll and other operational expenses?
  • Are you having trouble getting a loan or line of credit?
  • Are you “managing your mailbox” and not your business?
  • Would additional working capital allow your business to grow?

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