productivityFor a small business, improving productivity means improving gross revenues and profits. As a manager, finding ways to improve productivity may mean making adjustments in employee training, modernizing equipment or creating motivational incentives to boost employee morale and energy.  You know the saying “time is money” and that could not be more true for small business owners. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of you limited amount of time.

Identify Opportunities for Automation

Don’t waste your valuable time on tasks that can be automated such as social media posts and expense reports.  Invest in technology and software that do the work for you.

Schedule Times to Check Your Email

Constantly checking email through the day can lead to a lot of distractions.  Schedule a few times during the day for this task so that you can give it your full attention and stay focused on other tasks throughout the day.

Schedule Meeting-Free Days

It’s important for you to have some days that are completely meeting free. Doing this will allow you to get back on track with any tasks that you may have fallen behind on throughout the rest of the week without getting distracted.