SummerThe summer can either be the busiest time of the year or your slow season. Regardless, there are things you can do to be proactive and productive while enjoying your summer. These 4 tips can help you whether you are taking advantage of extra customers in your store or more quiet time to think about the future goals for your business.
  1.  Give back to the Community– Community projects are a great way to build your brand while giving back to the community. Pick a cause that’s a good cause for your business and organize or sponsor a community service day. Not only will you give back to the community that helps support your small business, but it’s a marketing dream as well.
  2. Get Social-Try out some new social media platforms such as Instagram, Vine or Pinterest. Snap pictures of your customers and your employees enjoying the summer then share on your favorite social media platform. You can also experiment with a new type of social media such as a Facebook quiz/trivia question. It’s also a great way to engage your customers and gather feedback.