mobileSmall businesses are jumping on the mobile bandwagon and for good reason.  Being a small business allows you to be nimble in your approach and jump on technology solutions that would take larger businesses more time to implement.  Consider some of these innovative and inexpensive ways of using mobile devices out of the office.

1.  Service Calls on the Go

It’s the classic small business dilemma:  your business is growing, and your field service crew is small.  If you have to schedule a crew while in the field, do they have access to work orders and other details?  Will they have access to driving directions?  A good navigation system integrated with your back office systems to make sure crews have the right information, can save money. There’s less wasted time, and less phone time verbally explaining job details.

2.  Accept Mobile Payments

Customers like quick service, especially when paying since that is typically their least favorite part.  Most customers find that it is quicker and more convenient to pay with a mobile device.  Added bonuses include tracking customer trends, integrate incentive programs, save money on credit card fees and your funds get automatically swept into your bank account.  Add the ability to print a receipt right there, and you’ll really save time.

3.  Arm Your Sales Team with Mobile Tools

Smartphones and tablets provide mobile sales teams with constant communications and productivity tools including email, internet scheduling and calendars. Mobile business applications allow teams to do presentations, engage in social collaboration and even prepare invoices.

4.  Ditch the Paper

Boil it all down and the real benefit of mobile technology is agility and efficiency. Consider the time you save sharing information instantly via email, social media, or other electronic documents from no matter where you are. Added benefit is eliminating paper from your world completely and you can begin to see the increased efficiency and decreased costs.

5.  Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Your website should be easy for mobile users to view. One way to accomplish this is to simplify your web design so it is easier to view on a smaller screen like the one on a smartphone. Another is to create a special mobile version of your site designed specifically with mobile visitors in mind.