cash flow gas gaugeDo you have time sensitive inventory and/or customers and the bank will not give you a loan? Factoring allows you take advantage of suppliers’ purchase discounts, pay employees and vendors in a safe and secure way. The cost of not using financing can be tremendous.  No financing can result in the destruction of your business.  Factoring provides the solutions you need!  Considering the benefits, why wouldn’t you try a factoring solution to your cash flow problem?

  • Financing through bank loans means you have to keep borrowing until you have enough to pay back the loan.  With factoring, the money you receive from the factor is your money once your customers pay on their accounts receivables.
  • Time is money! Initial factoring approval might take 2-3 days vs. securing a bank loan which could take months. 
  • Factoring is the only source of financing that grows as your sales grow.  As sales increase, you can increase your cash flow immediately which allows you to meet the demands of your customers.