Thank youDid you know that 68% of customers leave because they feel the company is indifferent to them?  It is not that they found a better price or product, but because they don’t feel appreciated.  By now you know that in order to be successful as a small business owner, you must always be looking for new customers while acknowledging your existing ones.  If you have not told your customers how much you appreciate them, here are a few ways to say “thank you”.

  • Recognize and Reward Customer Loyalty – We all love a freebie.  Consider a recurring give-away contest or simply offer discounts to customers who meet certain criteria.  For example, a “Thankful Thursday” tradition in which one lucky customer wins a prize for simply interacting with your brand or company on social media. 
  • Write Thank-You Notes – A handwritten thank-you note still goes a long way with most people.  Make it personal by mentioning how long they have been with you or a recent order.  Don’t cheat by sending an email, physical cards hold more intrinsic value.
  • Throw a Party – Consider hosting a customer appreciation event, either at your office or rent a room at a local eatery.  Have a new product about to launch or exciting news about your business?  Use the event as an opportunity to share information with your customers.  Social media is a great way to inform your customers of the event.