No, you get to determine which of your customers you would like to factor, as well as which invoices you would like funded.  You can factor all your customers, or only one customer depending on your cash flow needs.

American Funding Solutions will run credit on your customer to determine if they credit qualify for factoring.  Once the credit limit is set for that customer, a Notice of Assignment (NOA) will be sent informing them of our business relationship.  The NOA instructs your customer to send ALL payments to American Funding Solutions for payment of your invoices.  Submitting all payments to AFS makes is easier for the Accounts Payable department to process payment to the correct facility and reduces the number of days before the payment is applied to the open receivables balance.

Not only do you get to determine your customer, you get to determine which invoices you would like to factor for this customer. You have control over which customers you would like to fund, which invoices to fund, and how often you would like to submit a funding request.  This allows you the flexibility in managing your cash-flow as needed.