American Funding Solutions periodically verifies invoices sent in for funding. Our standard process is to send the invoice to your customer to confirm the amount invoiced and that all work is complete.   We may also verify if the invoice is larger than usual as compared to previously submitted invoices. 

We also spot check invoices weekly for all clients.  When spot checking, we will verify a few previously funded invoices to ensure they have been input into the accounts payable system for payment.  This is a great way to find out if there are any problems.  For example, we might find that your customer is missing a time sheet, or the insurance on file has expired, or they didn’t get the attached work order.  We can provide the needed documentation or relay that information back to you to prevent any delays in payment.    

We do require backup documentation for all invoices at the time of funding, so verification from your customer is not needed for each invoice. The backup docs could include time sheets, purchase orders, work orders, bill rates, signed delivery documents, etc.  The backup documentation is basically anything that can confirm that amount invoiced.