email marketingTime is money for any small business, therefore email marketing continues to be a time saving option for promoting brand and selling products or services.  By the numbers, email marketing yields an average of 4300% return on investment and also has the highest conversion rate of 66% when compared to other marketing channels.  The ability to reach customers directly and quickly without breaking the bank is what makes email marketing so attractive.  Understanding your options and how to get the most of this strategy is key to your success.

  • Find the Right Frequency – This can sometimes be a balancing act, but customers like getting emails as long as they are not redundant.  Best practice is to email the entire list on a monthly basis and send segmented communications on a weekly basis.  Any more than that and you run the risk of your customers getting frustrated.  Make sure your message is relevant and encourages the best client engagement.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All – Your customers are not all the same, so your messaging should not be the same for all of them.  Determine how to best segment your list such as considering your clients buying habits. Segmenting your customer database intelligently, and emailing them content that is relevant and personalized will get them to engage and convert more instead of emailing everyone the same, broad message.
  • Pick the Right Provider – Finding the right provider is a critical step in your journey to email marketing.  Do your research and evaluate based on services, price, features, customer service, speed to send, ease of use and analytics.  Although email marketing is among the most cost-effective channels to increase brand awareness and client engagement, it must be done smartly to be effective.