What is Coworking and why should you try it?

Coworking spaces have been popping up everywhere and evolving into every worker’s dream. Today’s professional coworking offices attract an array of companies, entrepreneurs, startups, and more. Let’s start with the basics of how coworking spaces provide members with a transformed work environment. “Coworking” is known as membership-based workspaces for freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, tech start-ups, and other professionals to … Read More

The Work/Life Balancing Act as a Small Business Owner

Work/life balance is a sticky subject for a business owner. Partially because it can be difficult to attain, but mostly because of the misunderstood expectations behind what “balance” really looks like for both the business owners and those special people in their lives outside of work.  Managing everyone’s expectations can be part of the challenge.  Consider a few of these … Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Sales Goals are Falling Short

I have a saying…”Numbers don’t lie and they tell a compelling story”.  If your sales are falling short of the targets you’ve set, it’s going to be right there in black and white—and maybe even some red. The reasons for those shortfalls can be written on the walls or hidden and hard to see. It’s no wonder struggling CEOs have so … Read More

Gender Balance in the Workplace

Some employers have a major gender diversity problem on their hands. The obstacles to building truly diverse and inclusive work forces is overwhelming. There’s no easy, global approach to intentional hiring. Every organization has its own short-term talent needs, long-term strategic goals, and entrenched institutional culture. But your company is likely to benefit from at least some of the intentional … Read More

Key Small Business Trends in 2019

One of my favorite sayings is “you don’t have to be faster than a bear, just faster than the guy behind you”.  In today’s world, small business owners need to stay one step ahead of their competition.  Technology, millennials and demanding customers have changed how we think about what it takes to be successful in 2019 and beyond.  Customers have … Read More

Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

The number of women-owned firms continues to increase. Women now own about 30 percent of U.S. businesses and employ nearly 8 million workers. It’s not uncommon for women to face unique challenges, especially when trying to juggle traditional roles of wife and mother with the demands of starting and running a business. It is not impossible, and you can do it!  … Read More

Let This be YOUR Year!

Unless your town is so small that all residents are already aware of every business located there, make 2019 the year you put the Internet to work for you and your business. What goals have you set for your business for 2019?  How will you measure success?  What tools and resources will you use to get there?  These are just a … Read More

Customer Centricity- What is it and Why Do You Need it?

A customer centric culture refers to a business mindset, approach, or culture. This culture positions customer satisfaction at the top of every agenda and process. All forward-looking organizations have a customer centric culture. It’s crucial for success in a digital economy.  It goes way beyond just delivering top-notch products.  It starts with a mind-set that all aspects of your organization … Read More

Year-End Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Right about now, you are dreaming of sugar plum fairies and all the excitement that comes with the holiday season.  But are you thinking about your tax planning strategy as the year comes to a close?  The end of the year is prime time to wrap up your accounting books and prepare to push your business forward.  Without this careful … Read More

Security Measures You Should Take with Remote Employees

Nearly 4 million workers in the U.S. telecommute at least half the time. That means businesses have to adjust to an increasingly mobile workforce. While this offers plenty of flexibility for employees and cost savings for businesses, it can lead to a variety of security issues. When it comes to security, you need to be secure in the way you … Read More