virtual assistantYour business is growing or maybe you have “spurts” of growth and could use an extra set of hands. Finding the right fit for your business can be challenging and costly to hire a new employee. Consider a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help during heavy volume times or just when you need them. Virtual Assistants are highly skilled professionals who offer support off site and work remotely. They are independent contractors who specialize in providing an array of services such as administrative, creative, technical and data entry. Finding a Rockstar Virtual Assistant to help you get more done is not rocket science. Here are 3 tips to help you find and keep the perfect assistance for your small business.

Timing is Everything – Before hiring your first VA, be sure to have a clear idea of what tasks they might be able to take over for you. Don’t assume they will just jump in and start helping, they are not in the office to observe you and your team so be prepared with tasks they can perform with very little training.