Also known as invoice factoring, payroll funding with American Funding Solutions allows you to sell your accounts receivable for cash to meet payroll. Payroll financing is designed to help your staffing company make payroll before your customers’ payment terms.

American Funding Solutions provides invoice factoring for staffing companies. We buy your outstanding invoices and provide you with as much working capital as you need to take on new opportunities and grow your firm.

How can payroll funding help you grow your business?

  1. Improved Cash Flow: Small businesses often face challenges when it comes to cash flow, especially if they have to meet regular payroll obligations. Payroll funding provides immediate access to the funds needed to pay employee salaries and cover other payroll-related expenses. This ensures that employees are paid on time, helping to maintain a positive work environment and avoid potential disruptions.
  2. Flexibility and Stability: With payroll funding, small businesses can have more stability in their cash flow. They can rely on consistent and predictable funding to meet payroll obligations, even during periods of slow sales or uneven revenue. This stability allows businesses to focus on growth initiatives rather than worrying about meeting payroll deadlines.
  3. Growth Opportunities: By utilizing payroll funding, small businesses can seize growth opportunities that require additional capital. Whether it’s hiring new employees, expanding operations, investing in marketing campaigns, or taking advantage of bulk purchase discounts, having access to working capital through payroll funding enables small businesses to pursue growth strategies that might otherwise be challenging due to limited cash flow.
  4. Creditworthiness Not Required: Payroll funding is typically based on the creditworthiness of the client’s customers (i.e., the businesses that owe payment for goods or services). This means that even if a small business has limited credit history or faces credit challenges, they may still be eligible for payroll funding. This can be particularly beneficial for startups or businesses with less-established credit profiles.

Why Work with Us?

No minimums

We don’t require any monthly minimums, which makes us a great option for startup staffing agencies who may start out with smaller invoices.

No long-term contracts

We don’t require any long-term contracts, so you can pause funding at any time.

Debtor approval

We work with you to ensure that your debtors are approved for funding before you sign the contract, so that you have peace of mind that your payroll will be funded.

Industry expertise

We specialize in payroll funding, so we’re here to help every step of the way!

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