cash flowThere is a big difference between having money in the bank and having a steady cash flow.  If possible, keep 10 to 20 percent of monthly revenues on hand to reinvest in the growth of your business.  It may sound daunting, but finding investors for your small business is exciting! Use professional forums and social networks to reach out and share your business plans.  Learn from those that have been where you are and be open to feedback. Here are a few things to consider:

Don’t Manage from your Bank Balance:

Bank balance and cash balance are two different things and rarely will they ever be the same. 

Know Your Numbers:

What do you expect your cash flow balance to be six months from now?  Knowing your numbers and fix a cash flow problem before it happens. American Funding can help accelerate your cash flow with accounts receivable factoring.  We can pay you for your invoices within 24 hours to get you the cash flow you need!