Lead Generation for Small Businesses

As a small business, finding clients or potential customers can be difficult and time consuming. With the proper steps, you can acquire plenty of customers to keep your business running. Here are a few lead generation tips that can help your business grow. Customer interaction: This initial interaction could be as simple as downloading an app, or signing up on … Read More

Keeping Your Business on Track in Challenging Times

Crises such as the current coronavirus pandemic can present new challenges for small businesses. How you respond to a crisis can define how your company succeeds and grows in the long term. Here are some strategies to consider to help your business during a crisis period. Prioritize your employees. In a difficult period, a great team can make all the … Read More

Invoicing Tips to Maximize Cash Flow for Your Small Business

Automate invoicing. The right software can automate your invoicing process and cut down on mistakes made by manually billing your customers. Wave, Zoho Invoice, and QuickBooks invoicing software are great platforms to help you automate your invoicing. Number your invoices. Be consistent with your invoice numbers to avoid confusion and help find past invoices quickly. Some invoicing experts recommend that … Read More

Year-End Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Right about now, you are dreaming of sugar plum fairies and all the excitement that comes with the holiday season.  But are you thinking about your tax planning strategy as the year comes to a close?  The end of the year is prime time to wrap up your accounting books and prepare to push your business forward.  Without this careful … Read More

Are you Protected? Here’s How to Avoid the Scammers.

Con artists are growing smarter every day, learning new ways to scam not just consumers but small-business owners, too. There are a variety of scams that the Better Business Bureau has flagged as most commonly targeted toward small businesses, ones that owners need to learn about to protect their organizations.  The top 5 riskiest small-business scams are bank/credit card company … Read More

Website Redesign 101

Who doesn’t love a good home improvement show? They take ordinary eye sore shacks and create a visually stunning home that uses well designed space that is functional and comfortable. The same basic principles of home renovations can be applied when updating your website to capitalize on modern design trends, improve the customer experience and enhance business opportunities. Most site redesigns … Read More

Top 3 Small Business Trends for 2018

If you have not already started, now is a good time to start planning your marketing strategy for the year.  Consider one or all of these three leading 2018 small business trends: Get Personal – In today’s world, so many things have turned digital such as online chat and automated messaging. Although modern technology is great for efficiency, it lacks … Read More

No More Excuses, it’s Time to Get Digital!

I’m guessing that you no longer have a home phone with a cord or dial up internet, so why no website?  Time to get with the times and get serious about creating a website for your business.  Surprisingly, 45% of small businesses reported that they do not have a business website.  In today’s virtual world, word of mouth is just … Read More

Goal Setting Made Easy

Goals without a plan are just a wish! Chances are, you’re not going to achieve your goals by accident: it takes purposeful planning. If you don’t define those goals and create a plan to work toward them, you’ll never reach them. In addition, the quality of the goals you set for your small business will have a huge effect on … Read More