wellnessTo encourage employees to get and stay healthy, 46% of small businesses offered wellness programs according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.  I know what you are thinking, Yoga at work? Studies show that wellness programs such as Yoga, can reduce the company’s health care costs, reduce injuries, increase productivity and improve employee morale and retention.  If you are not offering this benefit with your small business, here are a few things to consider for 2017.

Types of wellness programs:

  • Biometric screening (blood pressure, cholesterol, for example)
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight management
  • Employee Assistance program
  • Health education classes
  • Exercise classes

Develop a plan:

  • Designate a Workplace Wellness Program Leader
  • Conduct an employee interest survey
  • Provide opportunities for health screenings
  • Hold annual physical activity campaign
  • Consider contests to encourage participation
  • Host a healthy eating lunch and learn

Did you know that people spend an average of 50 more awake hours at work than anywhere else?  Making time to get and stay healthy becomes a race against time so it is up to the employers to take action towards implementing a workplace wellness program.  Outside of the obvious cost savings with having healthier employees, there are financial benefits as well (premium reductions, cost-sharing amounts).  Make sure your financial and legal advisors review any wellness programs you want to run for 2017.