Let This be YOUR Year!

Unless your town is so small that all residents are already aware of every business located there, make 2019 the year you put the Internet to work for you and your business. What goals have you set for your business for 2019?  How will you measure success?  What tools and resources will you use to get there?  These are just a … Read More

Customer Centricity- What is it and Why Do You Need it?

A customer centric culture refers to a business mindset, approach, or culture. This culture positions customer satisfaction at the top of every agenda and process. All forward-looking organizations have a customer centric culture. It’s crucial for success in a digital economy.  It goes way beyond just delivering top-notch products.  It starts with a mind-set that all aspects of your organization … Read More

Year-End Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Right about now, you are dreaming of sugar plum fairies and all the excitement that comes with the holiday season.  But are you thinking about your tax planning strategy as the year comes to a close?  The end of the year is prime time to wrap up your accounting books and prepare to push your business forward.  Without this careful … Read More

Security Measures You Should Take with Remote Employees

Nearly 4 million workers in the U.S. telecommute at least half the time. That means businesses have to adjust to an increasingly mobile workforce. While this offers plenty of flexibility for employees and cost savings for businesses, it can lead to a variety of security issues. When it comes to security, you need to be secure in the way you … Read More

Clear as Mud? How to Keep Communications Simple and Easy

It should not come as a surprise that with smartphones and the millennial generation, it is getting harder to grab and keep employees’ attention. Every day, your employees are bombarded by tons of messages asking them to make decisions about all sorts of things, from doctor’s appointments, bills, and investments to purchasing choices, taking care of their families, and so … Read More

5 of the Best Blogs You should be Reading Today

No matter what industry you operate in, every small business owner could use an extra dose of inspiration. Learning from outside perspectives is especially important if you’re a small business owner.  I enjoy writing blogs for you, but even I need inspiration and good article to read with my morning coffee. Here are 5 of my favorite small business blogs … Read More

1 Week to Advance Your Career- Take the Challenge Now!

There are few things as important as having a career development plan when it comes to excelling in life and accelerating in your chosen field.  It is important that you have a clear sense of the direction you would like to head with your career. Career planning is a critical step in your success not something you want to leave … Read More

Tips for Hosting Your First Webinar

Thanks to the advancement of technology, webinars (i.e., seminars over the Internet) are more popular than ever. The use of video technology for collaboration has been a game-changer for many businesses. There are not enough hours in the day to travel around and meet everyone face to face.  Webinars allow you to make that personal connection and build trust and … Read More

Are you Protected? Here’s How to Avoid the Scammers.

Con artists are growing smarter every day, learning new ways to scam not just consumers but small-business owners, too. There are a variety of scams that the Better Business Bureau has flagged as most commonly targeted toward small businesses, ones that owners need to learn about to protect their organizations.  The top 5 riskiest small-business scams are bank/credit card company … Read More

4 Ways to Save Time on Bookkeeping

Consider how much unnecessary time you or your staff are spending doing your company’s bookkeeping. For example – what if you spent 10 hours a week on bookkeeping tasks? And, what if out of those 10 hours, you are wasting 5 hours because of outdated processes, double and triple data entry, and managing stacks of paper files? That could add … Read More