Website Redesign 101

Who doesn’t love a good home improvement show? They take ordinary eye sore shacks and create a visually stunning home that uses well designed space that is functional and comfortable. The same basic principles of home renovations can be applied when updating your website to capitalize on modern design trends, improve the customer experience and enhance business opportunities. Most site redesigns … Read More

What is Invoice Factoring?

If you’re a small business that sells products or services to other businesses, you’ve probably struggled with waiting for a customer to pay an invoice. If you’re fortunate, the wait may be just for a few days. But sometimes, it’s 30, 60, 90 or more days. Not only is it frustrating, but it can have a real impact on the … Read More

Sales Boosting Ideas

Time is running out.  It’s a little more than five months to reach you annual revenue goal. If you are the main sales person in your business and you’re not making the sales you want, it’s time to assess how much time you’re spending on nurturing prospects and closing deals. When you’re a solopreneur, responsible for not only sales, but … Read More

Considering an Employee Referral Program?

Finding great employees to work for a company can be very hard. Why not use your current employees to help you find your next ones?   Building a top notch team is a never-ending process and sometimes relying on your current team is the best way to find top talent. Here are 3 easy steps to get you started: Money Matters- … Read More

A Beginners Guide to Offering a 401(k) Plan

Offering a 401(k) sends a clear message to your employees that you’re invested in their future. According to recent research, about half of American families have savings for retirement and less than half of small businesses offer a retirement plan. It is no surprise that the research also indicates employees who are satisfied with their benefits – like a 401(k) plan … Read More

3 Things You Should Tell Yourself

On the path to achieving great and lasting success, one lesson we tend to overlook is the importance of keeping your self-talk positive. As the sole architect of your destiny, you need to make sure you’re utilizing one of your greatest tools: your own voice. It’s that inner voice that will help you formulate a plan and drown out the … Read More

Biggest Small Business Trends for 2018

We are halfway through 2018 and if you are not already thinking about how to grow and protect your business, now is the time! Many things remained unchanged from 2017, however there are trends for 2018 that you should have top of mind. The bubble will burst- There’s a bubble out there, but no one is really sure exactly what … Read More

Good Boss vs Bad Boss

A good boss can make your career, but a bad boss can break it – and a new survey finds that plenty of Americans have learned that lesson the hard way. A survey of about 2,000 adults, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the careers website Glassdoor, found that two-thirds of people said their boss had had some kind … Read More

Just Trust Me – How to Build Trust at Work

You can’t always control how you experience trust in the workplace, but you have control how you act to promote trust. People who trust each other’s coworkers tend to extend their trust to the larger organization as well. This, in turn, draws forth trust from others. Once trust is broken, it can be hard or even impossible to rebuild. The … Read More

How to Deal With a Bully at Work

Think you work with a bully?  Do you regularly feel intimidated, put down, criticized or dread coming to work?  These may be signs that your co-worker is more than mean-spirited and may be a BULLY!  In a 2017 National Survey, workplace bullying was defined as “repeated mistreatment of an employee by one or more employees; abusive conduct that is: threatening, … Read More