Will You be Bugging My Customer?

American Funding will never bother your customer. We try to stay behind the scenes and allow you to maintain the relationship with your customer. We do what we call “soft collections” for our clients. We will reach out via email at 45 days if the invoice hasn’t been paid. We ask if Accounts Payable has the invoice in their system … Read More

Is Factoring Expensive?

Factoring Your Receivables is an excellent way to increase your cash flow, but how much does it really cost? Typically, if you have net 30 terms with your client you will pay between 2-5 percent.  Most factoring companies charge 1% of the total invoice every 7-10 days. For example, if your invoice is $1,000 and goes out 38 days on … Read More

4 Key Differences between Invoice Factoring and Merchant Cash Advance

Every small business owner knows that cash flow is crucial for the growth of a company. One method of financing that you may have heard about is a merchant cash advance, or MCA. On the surface, it sounds like it might be similar to invoice factoring – but is it? The following are 4 of the biggest differences between the … Read More